Step 5 Essex Ladies football – Wickford Town Ladies VS Benfleet Villa Ladies Match Report

After the reserves’ first game of the season was postponed, Wickford’s first away game of the season saw us take on Benfleet Villa Ladies, in our 6-0 win.

Captain, Mel King tracking a through ball.

Only 2 of the first team players (Campbell and Balding) assisted the Reserves to victory; first choice left back, Balding, filled in as goalkeeper.

The game started slowly with Town’s defenders, Devall, Brown, Anderson and Barnard, making clearances from Villa’s searching long balls. Wickford Town Reserves subsequently had several chances from counter attacks from Campbell, Curson and Graham. Campbell’s powerful right-footed shot from outside the box rattled the crossbar, followed up by King, who’s shot went wide of the top right corner. Curson’s and Graham’s skillful feet took them both to a strike on goal; the efforts were saved by the keeper.

Man of the match – Patsy Mcweeney driving forwards to square to Lois Curson

Mcweeney’s second game for Town, saw her sprint down the right wing, past several of Villa’s defenders; squaring a perfectly placed ball into the feet of Curson, who coolly placed the ball in the bottom left corner in the 37th minute.

The half time whistle sounded; Town’s tactical changes brought on striker, Abraham, and winger, Francis. This change lead to a flurry of three goals within 10 minutes.

Abraham smashed the ball through the keeper’s hands in the 54th minute; with only one minute later, a ferocious tackle from captain,

Charlie Anderson (centre), Freya Barnard (Left) and Claire Campbell (between) preparing for a corner

King; playing it into Curson, laying the ball off to Campbell, who finished in the bottom right corner.

Another minute later, Campbell returned the favour to Curson, who played a searching
through ball to Curson, to get her second in the game. In the 60th minute, Campbell also obtained her second, from a Reeve Tackle, playing it wide to Player of the Match, Mcweeney, who skilfully played it to Campbell.

Rachel Dipper keeping her eye on the ball

Fearlessly tackling, Claxton’s first game for Town allowed her to play to Dipper, whose pace allowed her to dribble forwards; playing to the feet of Graham, who also gained her second of the game.

Next Week’s game we will take on Chelmsford City at home. 2PM kick off.

Goal  Scorers:  Jade Abraham (2)   Claire Campbell (2)   Lois Curson (2) 
Player of the Match (voted for by players): Patsy Mcweeney


Wickford Townwtlfc-bvlfc.png

Published on due to technological difficulties on Wickford Town Ladies’ website.

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