Sam’s Scandal

After 67 days of managing England, Sam Allardyce had his contract terminated after discussing to reporters, posed as agents, about getting around FA’s rules. Big Sam commented on the issue stating that he is ‘distraught’ and he ‘accepts he made a terrible error of judgement’ on the £400,000 financial agreement. 

After being recorded giving advice to two undercover journalists on how to get round third party player ownership rules, the leaked footage created havoc for Allardyce and is now facing a ban for his actions earlier this week. He told the undercover reporters, posing as businessmen, how to bypass the ‘ridiculous’ transfer rules, established in 2008 by the FA, prohibiting third parties from owning players in the sport. 

 He also stated ‘On reflection, it was a silly thing to do; I helped out someone I had known for 30 years and unfortunately it was an error in judgement on my behalf. I’ve suffered the consequences. Entrapment has won on this occasion. The agreement with the FA was all done very amicably. I have a confidential agreement so I can’t say too much more. I’m going to go away and reflect on it. I am off abroad to chill out and reflect on it.’

Allardyce becomes the first England manager since Kevin Keegan in 2000 to depart the managerial position during a qualifying campaign; having taken charge of one game, earlier in the month against Slovakia. It is the shortest reign of an England manager; the FA is now turning to England Under 21 coach, Gareth Southgate, to take charge of next month’s World Cup qualifiers at home to Malta, away to Slovenia and another qualifier at home to Scotland and the friendly against Spain. If Southgate is successful, he may obtain the job on a permanent basis. 


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