Academy Life – Billy Holmes

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Ebbsfleet United’s academy midfielder, Billy Holmes,
discusses life away from his home in Essex and his footballing career so far.

Billy has had spells at West Ham United and Derby County; he currently plays in the Vanarama Conference South for Ebbsfleet United U18s.

The 17 year old’s main ambition is to make a career out of football, and to be a well-rounded central midfielder. He achieved a regular U18s place for Derby County, however he found it challenging settling away from home; finding it most difficult after three months away. 

Being a competitive industry with many young players aspiring to becoming professional footballers, the young footballer stated  –  ‘It asks a lot from you – such as giving up time, making football your priority and to achieve first team football. You have to work extra hard and train and play well on a regular basis.’ 

Through support from friends and family, Billy has achieved first team football with Ebbsfleet United. He specifically enjoys training and playing for the first team, with each player having their own ambitions, which drives them on to successful games. 

As a young player, Billy found it difficult at Derby County; he moved back closer to home in Gravesend, Kent, playing for Ebbsfleet United. He found the transition difficult, however with the staff and players welcoming and giving him advice, he soon found his feet with the club, both on and off the pitch. 

A highly motivated midfielder, Holmes stated that he had ‘always dreamed of being a footballer and kept motivation. My family taught me to never give up on something you want and are good at.’ In the near future, Billy hopes to be playing regular football in the Football League.

He is aware of the pressures that are involved in modern football, with it affecting player’s performances. He overcomes this by making football his priority and with regular, conscientious training. Despite transitioning to different clubs, he ensures he is aware of the manager’s plans and expectations.

Conspicuously a strong-minded individual, Holmes is keen on having his own business if he wasn’t a footballer. 

Thank you to Billy for taking the time to answer these questions. Best of luck for the rest of the season.


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