On the back foot – is women’s football taken seriously?

For decades women have been on the back foot compared to men in football. Women feel that sexism is still apparent in society today, especially in relation to a typical ‘male dominated’ sport, such as football, cricket and rugby union. Speaking with a female footballer showed that misogynistic comments are said about, and to them,… Continue reading On the back foot – is women’s football taken seriously?

Drugs: Students enticed by social highs

Students at the University of Essex report a number of motives for taking drugs, but demonstrate little understanding for the potential dangers. Staying out until the early hours of the morning is traditional for students. But their nights out combined with their desire to ‘fit in’ can sometimes fuel the pressure into students taking illegal… Continue reading Drugs: Students enticed by social highs

The travel guide to Turkey

Proud of their culture, the Turks embody their national pride throughout the mountainous beauty of the country – hanging the prominent red and yellow flags wherever a space is available. Concern with the safety of countries such as Turkey due to heightening terrorist fears are still apparent. Despite this, British tourists are still flocking to… Continue reading The travel guide to Turkey